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Rustic Historic Route 66 License Plate
Antique Rusty Route 66 License Plate
Rustic Historic Route 66 Memory License Plate

Rustic Historic Route 66 Memory License Plate

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This license plate commemorates the historic Rout 66. The dark brown background gives this plate an antique feel. The years 1926 and 1985 are in the top left and right hand corners. The top center has the text, "Historic Route 66." The main text reads "HR, 66 separated by the Route 66 emblem. 

Route 66 was one of the original roads in the US Highways system established in 1926. It originally ran from Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA covering a total of 2,448 miles. Route 66 was the main highway of the 1930s and was made iconic by a number of songs and TV series. Today Route 66 continues to be popular for nostalgic reasons even though it was removed from the US Highway system in 1985.  

  • USA made. All metal with gloss finish. Handmade with care in Tennessee.
  • This license plate is UV and fade resistant. Outdoor service life is approx. 18-24 months. Indoor service life is indefinite.
  • Plate dimensions are standard for U.S. plates (6" x 12"). Unless otherwise noted, all license plates are not embossed but are flat metal.
  • 22 Gauge high-quality aluminum will never rust! (20 gauge available). Our novelty replica plates are not intended to replace state issued plates.
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