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Frequently Asked Questions Page

Here's our most common FAQs, all in one place so you can read through this and not have to send us an email. (Also so we don't have to respond 😊 to your email!)


  • Q: Can you send me a pic of my plate before you ship?
    Sorry but proving a service like that would really take a lot of man power and time. In order to ship out all orders "next-business day" we have a tight production schedule that is followed daily. There's not a lot of room for additional requests. We do provide a MOCKUP SERVICE which you can read more about in the next question/answer below.

  • Q: I thought I would receive a proof/mockup before shipping?
    We can provide a mockup/proof of what your plate will look like however we charge $5 extra for this service as it means taking an order out of the bulk order chain and processing it separately. We should probably charge more than $5 for this service. 😎

  • Q: Where is my package? 
    A: Packages ship out next business day after you order. Once the shipment is on it's way to you, use the tracking number to see where it's at. You can find your tracking number in your shipment confirmation email or login in to your SignsAndTagsOnline account and view your order history. 

  • Q: What is the fastest shipping service you offer? 
    A: Our fastest option is Express shipping which is guaranteed 1-2 business days. Read more about shipping here

  • Q: Do you ship via UPS or DHL or FedEx or (insert shipping company)?
    We only ship via USPS. If you really want your package shipped with another carrier, contact us to arrange it. Just a fair warning though, it will be expensive because we charge extra for the hassle. 😮 

  • Q: My license plate is fading! Isn't it supposed to last forever? 
    A: We advertise our license plates to last 18-24 months in normal outdoor usage. Generally we've found that after 1.5-2 years the colors (especially black) start fading and the tag will look washed out and pathetic. In some extreme cases our plates have been known to fade faster than the advertised rate. One example would be a customer who lived in a hot southern climate, bought black-background license plates, and kept them on his vehicle parked in the hot/direct sun day and night. His plates noticeably faded at the 1 year mark. After verifing his information, we shipped this customer free replacment plates to get him within the advertised period of license plate usage. 
    We stand behind what we advertise! If you have bought plates from us and they fade before the advertised usage window, contact us and we will replace your order for free! 

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