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Back To The Future License Plate
Back To The Future Auto Tag
Back to The Future Movie Delorean Barcode License Plate

Back to The Future Movie Delorean Barcode License Plate

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This iconic barcode license plate was found on the Delorean time-traveling car from the Back To The Future movie series.

The barcode stands for the numbers 136113966 (written below the barcode). It was theorized that barcodes would be the license plates of choice for the future. So far we haven't arrived at that point and probably will not ever because although they are machine-readable, they are not human readable. If a driver wanted to call and report a vehicle to 911, a barcode scanner would pretty much be required. The standard text/digit format of our current registration plates is much more practical.

Our license plate features a brushed silver finish that looks really sharp! This plate is flat metal and not embossed.

  • USA made. All metal with gloss finish. Handmade with care in Tennessee.
  • This license plate is UV and fade resistant. Outdoor service life is approx. 18-24 months. Indoor service life is indefinite.
  • Plate dimensions are standard for U.S. plates (6" x 12"). Unless otherwise noted, all license plates are not embossed but are flat metal.
  • 22 Gauge high-quality aluminum will never rust! (20 gauge available). Our novelty replica plates are not intended to replace state issued plates.
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