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Any Text Custom Black Delaware State License Plate Tag
Custom Black Any Text Delaware State License Plate
Custom Black Any Text Delaware State Auto Tag
Any Text Custom Black Delaware State Auto Tag Plate
Personalized Delaware Black Reproduction License Plate

Personalized Delaware Black Reproduction License Plate

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We sell lots of these Delaware novelty reproduction license plates. This design is available in 2 different styles and features a plain black background with white text accents.

Our Delaware license plate is made of aluminum and has no porcelain coating like the original plates. This styled plate was in general use from the 1940s onward. If you're interested in the history of the Delaware black tags, check out this link to the Delaware Historical Plates website for more information.

To add the diamond on your plate, add a space. Like this ABC 1234. If you add it like this ABC1234 we will NOT add the diamond!

Style 1 of our Delaware plate design is basically a Black & White version of the official Delaware blue and gold auto tag. The font used on this plate is a blocky square font (see pics).

Style 2 is a 6x12 inch modern sized reproduction of the original antique license plate. It has simulated slots above the main text and to the left and right of the word, "DEL." These are not actual slots. Also on this plate style, if you enter a space in your custom text request we will insert the diamond/chevron shape. (see pictures for more information)

Please note that our tags are not intended to replace the official or licensed registration plates that go on the rear of your vehicle. As Delaware is a state that only requires rear registration plates, we believe it is legal to put our novelty tags on the front of any vehicle registered in Delaware.

Remember Less is More! If you put too many characters on your plate it won’t look authentic. We recommend a max of 8 characters.

  • USA made. All metal with gloss finish. Handmade with care in Tennessee.
  • This license plate is UV and fade resistant. Outdoor service life is approx. 18-24 months. Indoor service life is indefinite.
  • Plate dimensions are standard for U.S. plates (6" x 12"). Unless otherwise noted, all license plates are not embossed but are flat metal.
  • 22 Gauge high-quality aluminum will never rust! (20 gauge available). Our novelty replica plates are not intended to replace state issued plates.
Please note, we reserve the right to cancel/refuse business with anyone requesting certain letter, number or character combinations that are not in accordance with our Acceptable Text Policy. This policy prohibits all profanity as well as a number of other text combinations. Please contact us for more information or a copy of the policy.

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